Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama Bin Laden

First off, I very much enjoyed reading all of your insights on my Glee post. I have a first draft of a response to them, but it will have to be posted after this hellacious week has concluded. Thank you for challenging me every day!

Greetings friends!

As I have two exams to be studying for and two papers to be cranking out, I really ought not to be focusing my attention here... but as you all (hopefully) by now know, Osama Bin Laden was murdered yesterday in Pakistan.

I have, expectedly, a number of thoughts on this subject; hope that this wretched war in Afghanistan will end (even thought the pragmatist in me knows it won’t), despair for the woman used as a human shield for one of Osama’s men, but mostly disappointment. Disappointment that there is so much rejoicing in this nation over the death of someone.

No matter how evil Osama Bin Laden was- and I do not invalidate or claim those who lost their lives at his hand or by his orders were not of worth and precious to this world- but no matter how terrible he was, he was murdered. Americans should not rejoice in spilt blood, no matter the deeds of the now dead.

President Obama, a man whom, had I been of age, would have voted for to take office declared in an address to the nation that "[Bin Laden's] demise should be welcomed by all who believe in peace and human dignity."

I think human dignity says on a pretty basic level not to kill one another. 

And really, what is wrought from this? Will the wars end? Are any lives truly saved? Are those killed in 9/11 resurrected because of the end of Osama’s life? Is there ever any justification or gladness or relief to be had in revenge?

I contend not. 

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best thing in my life right now: i had the most magical weekend outside in the sunshine! and obama's kick-ass speech at the white house correspondent's dinner. eat it, donald trump. 
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  1. Agreed. For a country that gets so irate over the death of individuals, it's weird to me that we're so vigorously celebrating one. While I'm relived that this threat to the safety of America is gone, I certainly don't feel happiness about it.

  2. YES. I definitely had a conversation about just that today in my study hall. I don't see how it is just or fair at all; I see why some people are happy about it but it ultimately does not SOLVE our problems. It only served as a sort of revenge for what he did to the American people, and though revenge can be gratifying, it does not change that his murder is not solving our problems... :/

  3. Definitely. Everyone on facebook was being so happy about the violence, so i put up a post similar to this. But sadly, we are the minority... :(