About This Blog!

  Greetings! Welcome to Wandering Writers, a place for my travel musings and attempts to satiate a bottomless case for wanderlust!

 I started this blog in February 2011 to publicly announce and begin chronicling my trip to Uganda in the summer of 2011. The idea was to start blogging about my travel preparations so as to document the journey in its entirety, but this idea soon grew into using this online forum as a more serious outlet for my creative internet endeavors. I discuss issues of poverty, human rights, nonviolence, Africa, and occasionally politics, as well as lighter posts about my side trips (like my spring break adventure to Montréal!). The 30 Day Photo Challenge was something I started based on the facebook group, but the prompts are of my own creation and designed to compare the “little things” of my American life and my eventual life in Africa. Of course, once I am actually in Uganda (which will be on June 2nd) this blog will serve as a vessel to share my stories from living in Uganda.

 Feel free to leave comments with your responses or ideas you also think pertinent to contemplate or discuss! If you request a blog on a topic I just might take you on.

  As for how I end my posts, I generally listen to music while writing and since I am a Radio DJ for 91.5 FM WMHC South Hadley I love to share what I’m listening to! The “best thing in my life right now” is a tool I use to remember to always have a joyful outlook on the world. The days until departure are counting down to when my plane takes off on June 1, 2011, and takes me to Uganda!

   You’re beautiful! Thanks for checking this site out!