Friday, February 25, 2011


Oh, hey there, world....

As in recent months I have found myself getting more and more sucked into the vortex that is the internet I suppose it's unsurprising that I have started this blog. It began with facebook, in a way; and then I simply couldn't resist vlogging with the fun Kristina Horner and the crew seemed to be having on YouTube...and it spiraled from there. Twitter, Tumblr, and now...this.

However, this blog has a new express purpose, perhaps more direct than any other online endeavor I have yet undertaken. Yes, my vlog was created to supplement my radio show (which is every Saturday! Tune in please! You knew the plug was coming...) and yes, I intend to keep that up. But deeper than my love for the radio is something I have not really shared online until now. This passion is for the continent of Africa, but more explicitly for the beautiful East African nation of Uganda. 

When I was fourteen I was blessed beyond measure to go to Uganda with a team from Duke Divinity School on a pilgrimage. I was ripped to pieces, torn from the roots; I was re-planted, uplifted, broken, and made new. I had never left the country, much less seen poverty so destitute and hope so profound. I know this sounds like the typical African story: I saw babies strapped to their older-but-no-older-than-ten siblings, I realized how fortunate I was to be white and American and middle class. While to a certain degree those kind of stories are profound and beautiful, mine wasn't over yet. 

When I was seventeen, this past summer, I went to Ghana as a team leader for Habitat for Humanity. It was difficult and wonderful, but not in the same way Uganda was. I wanted to go back to East Africa, but the time was still not nigh. There was college to go to, classes to take, snow to be acclimated to. 

Now, after four years, I will finally be returning to Uganda this summer. My dear friend, Thera, who works for the Norht Karamojo Diocese and MCC, has invited me to be her intern. Needless to say, I'm thrilled and humbled and so ready!

That is what this blog is about; to chronicle my summer in my spirit-home.  I'll be honest from the inception: I believe in God, and I believe that sometimes things happen exactly when they need to and having the patience and endurance to wait for the right time is a gift. The fact that exactly four years after my first trip (which was after my first year of high school) I will be returning (the summer after my first year in college) is the perfect example. 

And let's be real, I CANNOT WAIT! So in anticipation I've started this blog (and no worries, Mom and Dad, I'm also compiling lists of immunizations and clothing to buy). For now, it's going to be centered on my preparations for departure and once in Uganda it will be, of course, about my adventures and lessons learned and joys encountered and challenges faced. 

So, friends and family, youtube followers and nerdfighters, won't you come to Africa with me?

Current jam: "Walking Far from Home" Iron & Wine (how appropriate!)
Best thing in my life right now: My Dad's 1989 Copenhagen sweatshirt. 
Days until (tentative) departure: 88

p.s. I owe some serious blogging inspiration to three very special people. 

First, to one of my best friends in the whole wide world, Hattie Gee, for her blogging humor!
(have a lookie:

And second, to my new friend Aly, who blogs EVERY DAY and started doing so while she was in France (lucky girl!) who inspired me to start and international blog.
(have a peak:

 And lastly but certainly not least(ly?) my dear friend Thera with whom I'll be living with this summer!
(have a read:

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