Monday, February 28, 2011

Entering Adulthood

Let me begin by once again reiterating how thrilled I am to be leaving for Uganda in June. It's in the forefront of my brain 75% of the time and my friends are already surely sick of me talking about Africa all. the. time.

However, while living abroad is going to be an incredible life experience and this summer will surely shape me in a lot of ways, being in Uganda means I will be making some serious sacrifices. Among them are missing out on a Cape Cod trip with some of my best friends from school, visiting my brother at Governor's School (hopefully!), and, most of all, I will be absent for my absolute favorite summer tradition: the annual Harry Potter party my best friend, Ian, and I have hosted/attended for the past two years.

For the past two years we've decked ourselves out in HP costumes and proceeded to attend whatever Potter Even the summer held for us. Two years ago is was the film release of Half-Blood Prince; he went as Lupin, I as Tonks, his dog as Teddy, our son. Last year a bunch of my favorite wrock bands (Whomping Willows, JFF, Lauren Fairweather, ALL CAPS, The Parselmouths) came to my hometown and we went- he as Tom Riddle, I as Luna Lovegood. We even snared my brother Tom into going as a vampire-bitten Cedric Diggory and our friend Morgan as Draco Malfoy. Needless to say, when Kristina Horner signed my T-shirt and Whompy sang "I Swear I Believe in Nargles" I was blossoming with happiness. To miss the last film this summer is going to be- laugh all you like- a little hard.

I know you're probably shaking your head, thinking of how selfish I am for wanting these little things while I'm off having my Great Ugandan Adventure. You're absolutely justified in this disapproval, and I confess as I'm writing I realize I sound like the whiniest spoiled kid on the block. 

BUT LET ME EXPLAIN. For those of you who know me, you are aware to what depths I have sunk in my abiding love for the seven book series Jo Rowling so masterfully crafted. For those of you who are less aware, let me educate I give you: 

The Top Ten Reasons Lizzie Has Transcended Madness in Her Adoration for HP:
1. For high school graduation, rather than asking for jewelry or something remotely normal, I asked Mom and Dad to get me a new set of the HP books- because my hardcover copies all had pages curled over and broken spines from the 20+ times I'd read them. So they got me British First Editions (yes, I specified what editions I wanted...) and I was the happiest of grads. 
2. I own at least seven Harry Potter themed t-shirts; among my favorites are my Harry and the Potters t-shirt and one that reads "REAL MEN DON'T SPARKLE. REAL MEN DEFEAT DARK WIZARDS."
3. I own two pair of Spectrespecs.
4. I brought my graduation robes to college for the express purpose of dressing up as an HP character when HP 7 Part 1 came out. 
5. I listen to Wizard Rock (translation for non-nerdfighters: there are over 200 songs in my iTunes library written by bands that write and perform in costume songs about Harry Potter and his gang of friends, magical creatures, and enchanted objects).
6. I knew Darren Criss from A Very Potter Musical BEFORE he was on Glee. And I was in the first 5000 views of AVPM on YouTube.
7. This spring I intend to get the Deathly Hallows symbol tattooed on my foot.
8. I have seen every HP movie on the day it came out since sixth grade.
9. I won the costume contest in the little bookshop in my neighborhood when Deathly Hallows (the book) came out...and I still have the certificate. 
10. The ultimate pathetic reason: On my eleventh birthday I spent two hours by the mailbox, waiting for my letter to Hogwarts to arrive. It made sense, because I lived in the US, for it to come by muggle post (how could the owls fly across the Atlantic?). When it didn't arrive I cried myself to sleep.

So missing the release of the final film is kind of a huge deal for me. BUT! Thera and all her wizarding magic has procured a back-up plan. I won't divulge here yet, because I think it will make a great saga once in Uganda. For now, I will tell you this: all this being said pertaining to my insane obsession with the Boy Who Lived, I will find a way to see the last film, even being halfway around the world...

And I'm packing my Gryffindor tie. 
A mélange of my HP Fan Photos...
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Days until (tentative) departure: 92 (I mis-counted last time)

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