Saturday, March 26, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 2

Day Two: A Pictorial Tour of Your Desk

I have to say I absolutely love this day's theme! My inspiration is directly from my friend Hattie, whose blog "Ah, College" is (a) awesome, you should totally check it out, and (b) you guessed it, all about being in college!

And now, here is my desk!

#1: My Van Gogh postcard booklet & blank CDs:
I have always loved Vincent Van Gogh's work, but it was not until I took my AP Art History course in my last year of high school that I fell irrevocably in love with him (sensing a theme? TAKE AP ART HISTORY KIDS!). Subsequently, half the posters (etc) on my wall are re-creations of his work! While originally I purchased this booklet to have postcards for my wall decor (and for my post card collection), I also love to send postcards so I keep a few post card books on hand for just such occasions! And the blank CDs are for my famous mixes I make for people (seriously, I'm a pro. It comes with the DJ trade) and for burning music for my shows.

Clearly, I've got a bit of an addiction to the internet, so this baby is pretty important to me. I use it for radio production, paper-writing, photo/video-editing, and living here int he virtual world. The WMHC sticker is for the radio station I work for!

#3: My Journey Cross:
A gift from my beloved godmother, Krys. Normally I'm not exactly a fan of big "ILOVEJESUSSOMUCH" paraphernalia, but Krys has exquisite taste so I really like this cross! And I love the verse: 

#4: My Shakespeare Love Mug!
A present from me to myself, with love. William Shakespeare is the object of my adoration; I directed Much Ado About Nothing in high school and have performed in several of his shows (Viola in Twelfth Night, the Courtesan in A Comedy of Errors). This mug is super-cute, the perfect size, filled with tea and sugar packets,  and covered in Shakespeare. I mean, what's not to love?!

#5: The wall I see whilst working!
Quotes to bear in mind while writing; a picture of my folks, brothers; a photo of Ian and I; notes from my friends; Van Gogh; Ghanaian paintings; the usual. 

#6: My window sill!
Most of note: the cardboard sunflowers Ian made for me for Christmas two years ago (perhaps my most treasured gift of all time). His favourite medium is cardboard!

#7: Stack-O-Books (on my printer):
Three things I've been ruminating over with my paper: The Bible, my journal, and selections from Mahatma Gandhi's works (with commentary by Thomas Merton):

(no explanation necessary, methinks!)

#9: My Reporter's Notepad!
My friend Candy, who works for the MH News, procured this for me! Now when I'm interviewing people on air I look totally legit. Thanks, dear!

Alright, that's all for me today friends! 
Til tomorrow.
current jam: "over the rainbow" eva cassidy
best thing in my life right now: my interview with professor grayson! it was fabulous!
days until departure: 71

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  1. The verse on the cross is my favourite ever!