Monday, March 21, 2011

Montréal & Vermont: The Final Installment

Day Five: Saturday

The three of us were up, packed, and ready to go by 9 (be impressed, parentals) in part because we had to check out by noon, but also because we wanted to hit the road. Another fabulous meal was in order; barely a block down from the hotel was a small place called "Eggspectation" to which we directed by a passerby. It was stylish, affordable, delicious, and (are you really surprised) a wonderful meal.

Maybe I should just give up on college and be a food blogger. Eat, travel, write.
While we originally were planning on going to the biodôme it was going to cost us more money and, to be honest, we were running low on funds and pretty tired. So after a harrowing journey through the one-way cobbled streets of Montréal we finally made it to the highway and headed stateside. The drive, post-getting-lost-in-Montréal, was pretty uneventful. We arrived in Vermont to Brenna's cozy house where she fed us her homemade pizza (yum!) and her mother's brownies (double-yum!) and her sugar cookies (I melted with every bite). Seriously, food blogging. New professional occupation.

The moon that night was HUGE and BEAUTIFUL, so we drove up to Overlook Park to appreciate the view.

Day Six: Sunday

Another early start (7:30AM) wrought monkey bread for breakfast and the Firebolt (my car) packed to the brim. We hit I-89 and were back in South Hadley, at long last.

Campus WAS totally snow-free and beautiful until this morning (Monday) when, as I write, snow is pouring down in buckets outside. I. am. not. amused. But I'm kind of still in the midst of midterms and a play and a job application, so I'll be MIA from the blog for a bit! Stay tuned to my
youtube channel for the Thoughts From Places vlog that will surely go up on Friday or Saturday, post-paper-writing. But thanks for following and reading, and here's to your next adventure?

What did you spend your spring break doing? Leave it in the comments!


current jam: my friend hanna's cover of "teenage dream"
best thing in my life right now: turning in applications!
days until departure: 76

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  1. your blog is great. glad you enjoyed your spring break! i definitely want to go up to montreal sometime, it's soo close.