Tuesday, March 15, 2011

En Avion

In an airport once more, this time flying back to MA, from whence I’ll be driving to Vermont with my roommate to visit a friend. After a night in VT we’ll make our voyage to Montreal, Canada!

I have literally driven up to the border of Canada before, but because I was on a Youth Group trip and not everyone had their passports we did not cross over. So I’ve travelled to Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi (briefly), Kenya (even more briefly), Côte d’Ivoire (super briefly), and Ghana (not briefly) but I’ve never been to my bordering nation. Go figure; that is so American.

I’m eager to go Montreal for a number of reasons (one of which I will not publish, but I have no doubt your powers of intuition will assuage any doubt in your mind). First among these reasons is that I’ve been told Montreal is the closest thing to a European city on the North American continent. As I have never been to Europe, this is something I am anticipating highly; however, I make no assumptions in that my five years of French will do me very much good. Apparently Quebecoise (spelling?) is a language unto itself. But that’s all part of the experience!

Furthermore, and perhaps even most of all, this will be my first road trip where:

  1. I will be doing the bulk of the driving (my Dad and I split the driving evenly on the trek up to Massachusetts this January)
  2. It’s only me and my friends! Austin, Brenna, and I are pretty tight and while we’re sad not all the ladies could travel with us, this trip will certainly be part of the collegiate experience!
  3. As John Green said in his college advice vlog ROAD TRIPS ARE AN INTEGRAL PART OF YOUR COLLEGE LIFE. Therefore, I am about to embark on my first college road trip, something of a necessity (according to John Green) to being young and alive and enrolled in an institution of higher learning. (Additionally: if you have not watched this vlogbrothers video, or any of them, I highly recommend it. The Brothers Green are why I got into vlogging at all, and their witticisms and quirks are most wonderful).
And lastly but not least(ly), travelling is always a prime opportunity to learn. I often feel, like Christopher McCandless once did, that I learn best and more when out in this wide world, sans classroom, textbooks, professors. Obviously, as I go to a Seven Sisters school, I value my higher education very much (very, very, VERY much) but there is something so alluring in the open road. Something profound in being lost and relying on your gut and a piece of paper to get you back on the right path again. It is so oft said that it is not the destination, but the journey that matters. Is it in this perpetual journeying I am attempting to find the route? Or is it merely an insatiable curiosity?

Rest assured, as this is the blog where I document my attempts at satisfying my bottomless case of wanderlust, there will be photos and blog posts abounding post road trippin’.

I’ll see you on the other side!

current jam: “die die die” the avett brothers & “the king of spain” the tallest man on earth
best thing in my life right now: seeing my massachusetts and moho family soon!
days until (tentative) departure: 78

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  1. Montreal is thankfully pretty English, the rest of Quebec not so much. If you're travelling through Gatineau be careful, they don't like it if you speak English too much.