Monday, April 04, 2011

The 30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 11

Day 10: A Picture (or two) from your weekend:

So, obviously, this weekend was full of playmaking and theatre-doing in Michael Lew's one-act, The Moustache Guys. Here are a few select pictures from the show (much obliged to Project: Theatre for taking these!)

The show, a farce on the Free Masons, masculinity, and society in general, centers around one woman, Ali, who has gone undercover to a meeting of the International Order of the Moustache Guys to find her actually-moustache-less husband, Paul. The Moustache Guys are a clandestine brotherhood who revel in dancing to Enya, yelling obscenities at one another, and engaging in interactive moustache poetry. Basically, it was the funniest show I've ever been a part of!

My first character (pictured above) was the "Second-in-Command Pirate"

Stroking the whiskers of Robert E. Lee and Ulysses Grant as neophytes to the Order with the fabulous Jojo and Miriam! 

My second character, the Air Conditioner Repairman. 

My dear friend, Stodd, directed the show and she did a phenomenal job with it (thanks dearest!). Her vision for the show was made plain from the first rehearsal, which gave us actors such drive to make it the best possible performance. The cast was comprised of some hilarious ladies (did I mention we were all women? compounding the humor 100-fold?) and the crew was marvelous!

My final character, the Tammany Hall Boss, back to reclaim leadership of the Moustache Guys, with the talented Christina as the Kung Fu Master! 

It's a rarer gift than people realize when a cast is synthesized into one cohesive, collaborative, supportive, and creative group. This show definitely had that, and I was so happy to share in the fun and to not take myself too seriously with these talented women!

Photo by the marvelous MARIO/Steph!
Thank you friends! I had a blast! And a special thanks to the beautiful seniors involved with the production- you will be so sorely missed next year!

current jam: "born this way" lady gaga (duh!)
best thing in my life right now: obviously, the post-show glow from moustache guys! which is also a little sad, though!
days until departure: 62

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