Saturday, April 02, 2011

The 30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 9

"Art is the most beautiful of all lies." -Claude DeBussy 

Day 9: One of your favorite places near/in/around where you currently live

This one was challenging, because there are so many beautiful pockets of Mount Holyoke's campus that I wanted to share! (one of the many reasons you should consider a women's college, ladies!) But the ultimate place, though, is so obvious I couldn't resist:

The WMHC Radio Station!
Hattie & I in the WMHC Station! Photo by the lovely Lisa Setrakian!
I love the station- I mean, it's essentially three rooms full of CDs and vinyl, so what's not to love? The equipment, for all its conniption fits and feisty-ness with the transmitters, is really wonderful and so much fun to play around on!

And there are all these tiny aspects to the station that make it one of my favorite places to hang out- like this authentic-looking 1940s style radio (which we actually use to check that we're really broadcasting):

My show, which is something I came up with last semester while listening to an abundance of NPR and watching obscene amounts of the Ellen DeGeneres show (LOVEHER!), is so much fun to do! I'm exposed to so much new music because of my guests, and as a history minor and lover of stories it's so wonderful to listen to people share their stories on a weekly basis.

Hattie and I on air! Photo credit due once more to Lisa :)
With two roommates and a hall full of wonderful women, it's very hard sometimes to find and make my own personal space. Last semester when I was just playing music, and now whenever I sub for someone else's show, I get to be in a room all by myself for two hours. For an introvert, that is such a blessing! 

...And, let's be real, all I do then is dance around and sing along. 

This morning I interviewed my friend Mary and it was STUPENDOUS! Thanks again, Mary, for being on Juxtaposition and sharing such wonderful music! 

Til tomorrow, friends!

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