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The Wall (30 DPC: Day 29!)

Day 29: the first thing you see in the morning

  Well friends, as these 30 (+) days are coming to a close, so will my daily blogging. And while this has been a total blast and I've really enjoyed reading all your comments, next week is Reading Week which means I'm getting ready to enter into the lovely academic season that is EXAM season. Thus, the daily posts are coming to a close so I can crank out my last Religion paper and stuff my head chock full of French pronouns, key ideas on contemporary Russian culture, and anthropological terms for kinship systems. Rest assured, the posts will resume once I'm in the clear and consequently diving into packing for Africa. Never a dull moment, friends. Never a dull moment. 

  However exam season dually means that I am mere days away from the conclusion of my first year in college...SWEET DEAD WASHINGTON, they weren't kidding when they said college was going to fly by! This fact brings up a whole soup bowl full of emotions and thoughts, so if I'm honest there probably will be an enormous thoughts in my head post after I've begun processing the end of my first year. 

  But you're not reading me today for moans about exams! The prompt says what I see in the mornings, self. Get to it.

  So were I to be exactly precise pertaining to what I first see in the morning, I perhaps would depict my alarm clock- but you've already seen that here. And then, were I to be more brutally honest, I'd tell you that I'm not really cognizant of my surroundings in the mornings until I'm in the shower, but you've also already seen that here. So I decided, after this roundabout of thought that I'd show you something BRAND NEW (to you, at least) and more relevant to the thought behind the post.

  After this long-wind-ed-ness I present:
A Virtual Tour of (some of) Lizzie's Wall, a.k.a. The Second to Last 30 DPC America Post. 

So you may have noticed, I have a bit of an obsession with posters. Hey, I never promised to be a! This collection depicted above is really a small sliver of the sheer amount of paper things I own- there's another half of this wall not shown, as well as another wall, plus my room back home. I like pretty pictures, okay?

But the real "first thing" I see when I wake up is this black-and-white photograph taken from an issue of National Geographic:

My dear friend, Ian, actually cut out the same picture on the same day as me (we're telepathically linked, apparently). What I love about this is the simpleness; it's such an odd picture of this little man who apparently drove around the country with this mobile church. It's reminiscent of the circuit riders in early America, but with a whole new context. I always kind of giggle when I really look at it (rather than bleary-eyed falling out of bed, which is the more daily occurrence) but I also just like how it makes me think. 

Next to this lovely photograph is normally another postcard, but since ticky-tak hates me we'll move along to this watercolor painting my friend made me in high school after watching the Invisible Children documentary for the first time:

In fact, today is the 25 hours of silence for 25 years of war in Northern Uganda, sponsored by Invisible Children. Once again, I couldn't participate but if you want more information you definitely should go to their website. They're wonderful.

As for the painting, this is one of my favorite favorite favorite things on my wall. It's beautiful, but it also speaks so much as to what I can never articulate when speaking to my passion for Africa. She titled it on the back "Home?"

And to the far right, much less serious is a cut-out from a special issue of People magazine (puke) on Glee (yum!). 

It's dated, obviously, because there's not the angel of a man Darren Criss on it (shut up, I know I'm a fangirl. Moving along...) but I often wake thinking I'm being slushied. Perhaps not the best location...

Above Glee is my metal poster of one of my favorite musicals with one of my favorite actresses of all time, My Fair Lady with the classic and darling Audrey Hepburn. The story for why I love Eliza Doolittle is one for another day, but I bought this in a flea market in the mountains of Virginia after one glance. It's pink with Audrey on it? Done. 

À côté de l'affice du My Fair Lady are some pictures of me with my brothers and grandmother. The first picture, with Tom (whose deviant art account you should totally check out) is from last year prior to an 80s dance. Below that, Mema and I are forever captured being dinosaurs on my graduation day (it's a way cooler picture than me accepting my diploma, for sure). And underneath that Diesel and I before I went to a swing dance (I love ballroom dancing! fun fact!). 

The photographs border my signed Whomping Willows poster (apt, because Sara Michelle from my collab channel just made a video about meeting Lauren Fairweather!). 

Above all this silliness is the record cover of The Sound of Music which Ian bought for me from the local thrift store (we're frequents of the local PTA, to be frank). I. love. this. show. In third grade I cut my hair like Maria, played the CD until it couldn't play anymore, and know the movie by heart. Not one to feel mellow about anything, as is being made more and more apparent. 

Above Maria's jumping frame is my blue hippo postcard I bought at the Met last fall, which is next to my favorite Ghanain painting I procured in Accra last June. It's my favorite because of the baobab tree!

And on the slanty wall that actually faces me when I wake up are a poster from Deathly Hallows, Part 1; a picture of Ellen DeGeneres my friend drew on; a signed Bonnie Gruesen headshot; my signed poster from Much Ado; and a ginormous poster from my favorite film, V for Vendetta. There's also a b&w picture I got for free at another flea market and a post card of Mother Theresa blowing up balloons with a little kid from Calcutta. 

There's also my motto printed on letters along the side, "Choose Love."

So do you have a favorite poster of your own? What greets you in the morning when you open your eyes?
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