Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cape Cod!

*Before I begin recounting my adventures from Cape Cod, I first want to say my friend Kelsey (who has an awesome blog you should check out here) commented yesterday that when you think of TOMS as a fair trade enterprise (or something akin to one) as a for-profit business with healthy, good goals it sheds a new light on things. This, I think, is definitely making me reconsider some things. Thanks Kelsey for your insight! And now for...

Lizzie's Second Collegiate Road Trip: Cape Cod

While this little jaunt in the Firebolt, my treasured minivan, was far briefer than our voyage to Montréal, it was still lots of fun and full of wonderful FOOD.

I drove to Cape Cod with my friends Brenna (whom you may recall from our Montréal endeavors and her fabulous cooking) and friend Liz (who is a singing fiend, if you want to have a listen in this vlog). We made it out east with no problems and arrived to the most glorious of beach-y afternoons!

But we weren't there for the beach, we were there because my darling friend Grace lives in Cape Cod! We pulled up at her house (which, I might say, is perfect for her) and were welcomed by her awesome little sister, Lucy, the mighty TTF, and her lovely mother. What ensued was much hugging and eating of toast before a walk to the lighthouse and into town.

The town was The town was quaint and lovely. We walked out to a beautiful little light house on the rocky coast and then headed over to a little bakery for chai and croissants. It’s still far too chilly outside for swimming or anything, but it was so wonderful to see the town Grace is from. That’s one thing I’ve made a big effort to do since my parents so graciously gave me The Firebolt- visit my friends in their homes! I’ve been to Brenna’s, Nora’s, Grace’s, and hopefully will be breaking my trek back to NC at Liz’s. Mount Holyoke is definitely my home now, but so is North Carolina and I think as my relationships with my friends deepen part of getting to know them is learning where they come from.

And, you know, Grace and her mom are amazing cooks! Dinner was fabulous with mac’n’cheese, chicken, asparagus, salad, bread, and plenty of conversation (I can hardly write about traveling without talking about food, now can I?). The next morning we awoke to home-made cinnamon coffee cake before driving back to school.

Apparently, Xenophilius Lovegood relocated to the Cape post-explosion of the Erumpent Horn. 
It was a delightful weekend and I can’t wait to make many more trips back! And tomorrow I resume my 30 Day Photo Challenge!

current jam: "the king of carrot flowers parts 2 & 3" neutral milk hotel (thanks nora!)
best thing in my life right now: my religion professor just said he hopes we can "study together again!" i love this man. what a wise soul!
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  1. Great pictures! I travel to Cape Cod every summer. It's such a relaxing getaway.