Friday, April 22, 2011

Water (30 DPC: Day 26)

If you're curious as to why in this post I mentioned I was leaving Massachusetts at 3 AM to head to NYC, you can now get the full story by clicking here to watch my most recent vlog. Yay multimedia!

Happy Passover, Earth Day, and Good Friday everyone! In honor of Earth Day today, I present  today's prompt:

Day 26: a picture of where you get your drinking water

I think it's a tacit understanding implied here that the ability I have to walk ten feet (maybe) down my hall, turn a tap, and get clean, drink-able water is a treasured gift. 

To provide a frame of reference, here are some statistics about Kampala, the capitol city Uganda, and their drinking water supply. These are taken from the magnanimous nonprofit that is a Lizzie-approved, partnership NGO!

In the greater Kampala area there are 34.6 million people. Of these 34.6 million people, 35% live below the poverty line and 
16.1 million people in the greater Kampala area do not have access to improved water. 

So on this day that we venerate the earth, let us remember while drinking our tea or coffee or water that we are terribly lucky to merely have to turn on the tap for such water. 

If you're so inclined, you can go to the website and make a donation to a sustainably, equitable project that is working to provide clean water and sanitation to rural and urban communities (and not just in Uganda!).

Thanks friends. You're beautiful, and you matter to the world.

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