Friday, April 08, 2011

Halfway There! (The 30 Day Photo Challenge: DAY 15)

Day 15: A Photo of How You Do Your Laundry

After Ghana this summer and watching the hotel manager hand-wash our clothes for us I have never been so grateful to have a washing machine! I'm sure I'll have some more interesting pictures to share in Uganda, because I'll be learning how to clean my clothes by hand.

Also of note today is that I'm officially halfway through my 30 Day Photo Challenge! I still have plenty of prompts to share and photographs to take, but for the next two/three days I will be taking a brief hiatus. The reason for this is because I'm taking a weekend trip to Cape Cod! 

One of my best friends here on campus, Grace, lives on the Cape and she's invited us to visit her for the weekend. WHICH MEANS THE OCEAN! I am super thrilled for a lot of reasons (home-made meals, the ocean, road trips, a weekend away...) but I'm going to take the weekend to enjoy being on the water. When I return expect a travel blog post about our road trip adventures! After that I'll resume my last 15 days of the 30 day challenge. 

And on that note, have a beautiful weekend friends! Enjoy the sunshine! 

current jam: "rollerblades" eliza doolittle 
best thing in my life right now: tomorrow on my radio show i'm hosting my first live band! they're awesome and called kids choice (have a listen!)
days until departure: 58

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