Saturday, April 23, 2011

Food, Glorious Food (30 DPC Day 27)

Day 27: a picture of where you get your food

Yesterday i made a grocery store run (perks os having a Firebolt at my disposal) and as such I though I'd take ya'll on a photographic tour of things I like to buy when in the Big Y!

Have I mentioned how much I dislike bananas? These babies never end up in the basket. 

The great love affair of my life...the cheese section. Cheesecheesecheeesecheesecheeseeeee!

Triscuits go well with...CHEESE. 

If you follow me on dailybooth you know that these cookie bags are kind of my achilles heel...I went through a whole bag yesterday. A WHOLE BAG. Seriously, self, that's problematic. 

Speaking of fresh water availability...

A label of lies. Not real up-to-this-Southern-girl's snuff. 

My best friend from home's parents have lived, off and on, in East Africa for much of their lives. He told me the story once of his mother, after moving back to the states from Kenya, stood in a grocery store sobbing because of the sheer amount of food available to her. I've had similar experiences and, as much as I love Harris Teeter free sugar cookies and the Big Y I'm so eager to grow food in gardens and go to markets this summer. 

I think we lose sight of how much effort it takes to make a meal when all we have to do is purchase frozen, packaged, high-in-preservatives meals from the local grocery store. Or, even more so, I can walk downstairs to a dining hall with more options for food than I need. 

Anyways, I hope you're all having lovely weather (it is unfortunately really gross here) and happy Passover/Holy Saturday to all!

current jam: "judas" lady gaga (expect a post devoted to my adoration for this woman on may 23rd when the whole album is released. serious)
best thing in my life right now: radio week has been a complete and total success! AND DOCTOR WHO TONIGHT. 
days until departure: 38

p.s. can you believe only three more days of this daily posting business? it's flown by for me!

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